Some of the biggest beneficiaries in chiropractic care are the children. Chiropractic could be helpful in many types of health problems in children and not only for a solution in back and neck problem. 


Our bodies are in constant change and still adapting as we are progressing through life. Oftentimes, it is not until we reach adulthood that the changes from injury and aging present themselves. Chiropractic care ogden can benefit all aspect of the body’s ability to become healthy as a child and also for adult. 

Nervous System Disturbances 

The nervous system is consist of spinal cord, brain and all the nerves our body has. It regulates and controls the entire body. There are many health problems in childhood that are mere a result of interference in nervous system and it is usually along the spine.  

Did you even wonder how the body coordinates, regulates, creates, controls and destroys the trillion of cells in your body made up of? How can a body know that it is killing a virus and not your own cell or heal wounds and repair broken bones making it stronger than before? All this is because of the power and intelligence of your inner wisdom. 

Your body operates in a perfect way that almost all of you are completely unaware. However, physical, emotional and chemical stress can interfere the ability of the inner wisdom to function fully.  Chiropractic will find this interference and will restore balance and harmony and allow your inner wisdom to fully function. it is the meaning of chiropractic, to work with you and not impose anything. It is more of an inside out approach. 

There are many hard to correct problems in adults that has been there a long time since childhood that remained undetected. You often find disturbances in the nerve which is associated with many types of common health complaints in your childhood. 

Traumatic Birth. Have a newborn screening after birth in order to detect the effects on in-utero constraint, vacuum extraction, c-section or other aspect of stressful birth. 

Colic. Birth trauma, that even from so-called “natural” experiences in birthing can frequently create a child’s first nerve negotiation. Lacking the capability to communicate, your baby cries. 

Ear infections. Biomechanical restrictions in upper spine could compromise the immune system and nervous system, which will make your child’s ears a reproduction ground for viral infection. 

Bedwetting. Nervous system compromise in lower back can block the nerve messages responsible for the bladder control. Many children have regained their self-esteem and confidence with chiropractic care. 

ADHD. Many parents study conservative chiropractic care earlier than exposing their kids to psychotropic drugs. dropping pressure to the nervous system together with dietary changes has formed excellent results for many. 

Asthma. Chiropractic reduces neurological compromise in lungs, bronchial tubes and diaphragm, attacks could often be reduced and eliminated. 

Growing Pains. Any type of pain is a warning that there is something wrong. It’s typically a sign that biomechanical tension is present to the nervous system.